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Focus 360 - ERP

“The system is extremely user friendly and faciltates our daily work through automation.” – Frank Salt Real Estate Ltd. (Read more Testimonials here)

A home-grown ERP software system which will not only improve your business, but drive your success to new heights.

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Focus Realty - Real Estate Agency system

Advantages of owning an ERP Software…

What does it do for you?   How this happens
Automates processes   Frees up time for you
Maintains balanced inventory levels   Turns data into business insight for better decisions
Enhances Asset Management   Improves your control on Assets, Finances and personnel
Improves customer satisfaction   Helps in taking faster, more decisive action to improve the service given
Increases sales   Improves efficiency of employees and of daily operations, enhances business opportunities
Improves financial management   Gathers all your transactions in one central place giving a holistic and deeper  look into your financial situation
Drives your business forward   Helps you understand trends, strengths and  threats to find business opportunities
Enhances communication   Software is supported by a team of people who  can  understand your business and your jargon
Builds stronger relations   We pursue long-lasting win-win business  relationships which you can also pass on
Focus 360 Suite – ERP Software
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