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Realty Plus – Resource & Time Management module

Realty Plus Module

Many more features to simplify your daily work, making the system work around the way that you and your colleagues do, rather than the other way round. Make sure nothing slips your attention, through proper Resource & Time Management procedures making sure everyone is on board working as a team.

Key features

Allocate your resources & time better

  • Property Keys & Site Plans – Librarian style management of keys and site plans for individual properties, when these are available, with full visibility of availability and the current location of such items. Avoid disappointments caused by over-lapping bookings and ensure that your colleagues return the borrowed items on time;
  • Quick booking facilities –  Place a booking for the property’s keys if you want to show a property quickly. Your walk-in client is in a rush and you don’t have the time to book appointments with vendors. You can restrict your search to properties for which keys are immediately available in your office;
  • Calendar – Make sure you don’t miss a single appointment. Keeping an eye on the way your consultants make use of their time. Provides extensive facilities to record appointments with buyers and vendors, both current and prospective;
  • Task List – A personalised to-do list with automatic reminders based on pre-defined rules that you define. Make sure that you keep constant contact with both vendors and prospective buyers;
  • Instant notification as new relevant events occur. You constantly know what is happening without having to interrupt what you’re working on at the moment.
  • Automated Reminders – Make sure all staff are aware of their tasks and that these are executed to completion and on time. Issue automated reminders as often as necessary giving your staff notification in adequate time before the task is due. Optionally issues reminders also in e-mail format;
  • Automated Inverse Cross-match – Runs automatically on a scheduled frequency and attempts to match buyers requirements against newly registered properties providing your consultants with a constant list of prospective properties for their buyers. An extremely powerful tool that matches properties to your clients requirements with zero effort.

Seamless integration

  • Interfaces to Microsoft Outlook and to Smart Phones for people who are constantly on the move. You don’t have to spend time jotting notes on your diary any more. Send the appointments to your Smart Phone or print a detailed report of tomorrow’s appointments with full addresses and contact info;

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