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Prospect Manager – Customer Relationship Management System module

Prospect manager module – Customer Relationship Management

Everything you need to know about your leads, active and past clients at your fingertips.  A full Customer Relationship Management system with the additional benefit of recording the details of prospective buyers and lessees together with their requirements and budgets, including acceptable alternatives. Monitor and keep track of changing buyers’ requirements and their preferences to the properties that you propose and show.

Simplify correspondence by using standard letters and a selection of reports together with mail-merge facilities. Keep track of all past correspondence, notes and comments for a given client. Print or e-mail reports and images of properties immediately as these become available on the market.

Key features

 Know your Prospects

  • Record all necessary details about your prospects and their requirements including preferred property types and geographical areas. Include their preferences for even minor details. You don’t have to go though hundreds of property listings when you search for properties. Restrict the list as necessary;

Instant and focused search options

  • Run instant searches against your property register for a list of matching properties. Drill-down to the necessary detail from a single screen: property images, movies and presentations, street maps, the full list of property features, property history and much more.
  • Extensive cross-match facilities – Ensure you do not miss a single opportunity to make your buyers aware of the properties available. Repeat cross-match and inverse cross-match searches against changing requirements and budgets or as new properties come on the market and as prices change.
  • Loosen your search criteria if insufficient properties match the requirements without losing visibility of the original requirements and budget. You may want to try to convince your clients to consider alternatives if you cannot satisfy their specified requirements;

Keep proper track of your work

  • Keep track of properties which you have proposed or visited together with your client’s opinion on each. Assign ratings and action comments to each of the selected properties if you wish so that you can easily trace the ones which you wanted to discuss first when you next meet your client;
  • Favorites – You’re looking at an unrelated list of properties when suddenly you think that this one may be suitable for one of your clients. Add it to your favorites so that you can follow it up later. You don’t have to interrupt what you are doing now.

Communicate effectively

  • Standard Letters – Build your own standard letters and use these immediately when required. Write your letters once using tools that you are familiar with such as Microsoft Word. Compose a letter in seconds to any of your vendors, prospects or any address stored in the address book. Touch it up if you wish to add your personal touch. Print it or send it as an attachment to an e-mail while filing a copy in the database to keep track of all correspondence.
  • Mailing Lists – Full facility to compile mailing lists together with mail-merge facility automating the tedious effort of dispatching correspondence or e-mails. Interfaces to Microsoft Word, PDF and e-mail.
  • Analyse your property listings against your buyers’ requirements. – Discover where your shortages are, what prices properties are going for and what potential buyers are willing to pay for them.
  • Go into discrete mode when your client pulls his chair in front of your screen. Hide confidential information immediately with a single key stroke.
  •  Monitor the performance of individual consultants providing statistics of number of appointments made, new properties viewed and much more. All against predefined targets. Ensure everyone is pulling the rope.

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