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Focus Briefs – User Security

User Security Module

Focus Briefs enables a team of professionals or partners to share the same system and other resources.  It provides the necessary security features so that individual users may view only the briefs and accounts belonging to their company, while providing the flexibility whereby specific users may have visibility across all or multiple companies.

Key features

Protect your knowledge-base

  • Create the necessary number of user profiles, maintain their passwords and access rights;
  • Grant or revoke access to each option on the menu to individual users;
  • Grant or revoke access to individual companies, in a multi-company environment, so that a user may have access to only a single company or a number of companies;
  • Assign a role or category to each user so that you may define charge-out rates based on each user’s role, determining how the user’s time sheets may be transformed into client bills;

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