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Focus Briefs – Time Management

Time Management Module

Many more features to simplify your daily work, making the system work around the way that you work, rather than the other way round. Make sure nothing slips, make sure every minute of your precious time is put to good use and charged for accordingly.

Key features

  • Track time as you go, and then turn billable hours into a fee entry. Simple forms make it easy to enter your time. You can track both hours worked and hours to bill, and create task-based bills using Focus Briefs;
  • Add disbursements and similar costs that you may have incurred during your work to ensure that all costs are reported and billed for, if necessary;
  • View your calendar to check for completeness. Enter notes for each entry as necessary, providing a detailed chronological list of the work performed on each brief;
  • Check on a specific brief when you need to review the time spent on the brief offering full visibility of the effort spent on the brief in question;
  • View other people’s calendars to ensure that all practitioners adhere to established practices in your firm;
  • Print time sheets or export them to Microsoft Excel so that you may analyse and summarise hours spent by brief, by client or by user to achieve the required custom reporting;
  • Set different hourly rates for different user roles and optionally for different cases, providing the necessary flexibility and accuracy to charge for your services at the established rates;
  • Convert time recorded on time sheets against bills. Let the system convert the time into an invoice using an extremely parameterised set of rules and rates that you can pre-define;

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