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Advertising – Advertising Management Module

Advertising Management Module

A fully integrated advertising management module with facilities to book advert schedules in advance with an unlimited number of media. It also provides the facilities to compile the list of properties to show on each advert together with advert text and images.  Advertising Management per excellence!

Key features

  • In-built processes to assist in the compilation of advert schedules for news papers and magazines.
  • Simplify the identification of properties to advertise by getting your consultants to short-list such properties. They know the market best.
  • Facility to quickly compile advertisement lists to issue to the respective media in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word.
  • Reconcile the advert media’s invoice against agreed rates in no time.
  • Full history of adverts for each property listing dates, media and advert text through the proper use of advertising management. Your vendors expect this.

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