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Property Register – Property Management module

Property register module

The Property Register is a feature packed module with an extensive functionality to capture as many details as necessary for your new properties. It provides a platform to ensure proper one-time efficient data entry and at source and to track changes to the property details over time, allowing you never to miss a minor detail in your quest for proper property management.

You can also choose which details are relevant and which are not and to customise your own set of input boxes to suit these needs.

Keep track of property details and notes for all your listings, track communications with vendors, price changes, offers, on-site visits. All facilities are available at a click of a button from a single screen.


Key features

Efficient storage of Data

  • Full capture of property and vendor’s details;
  • Flexible and extensive classification of property type and status – facilitating eventual searches;
  • Flexible and unlimited user-defined property features (of a variety of types including yes/no questions, dimensions, look-up lists, etc);

Efficient usage of Data

  • ‘On-the-fly’ conversion of metric to imperial measurements & v.v. Users may choose their preferred system;
  • Support for blocks and developments (with options for filtering out similar properties within a block on reports, in emails or on the web site);
  • Separate registers for on-market and off-market properties with seamless integration of the two where relevant.

Turn data into rich information

  • Rich text support for display and classified advertisement texts including interactive thesaurus and in-built spell checker which high-lights errors as you type;
  • Unlimited number of property images and files of any type including movies, site plans, presentations, etc,  with the option to restrict distribution of confidential files to external parties on individual items;
  • Extensive support for marking properties on street maps;

User friendly interface and extensive search facilities

  • Separate details on one screen for properties for sale, long-let and short-let.
  • Property Search – enables you to perform searches for available properties against requirements and budget. A simple yet extensive user interface providing the required results in seconds;

Efficient data tracking

  • Track properties for a given vendor or developer;
  • Full property history listing changes to property details over time, correspondence with vendor, offers made and other notes;

It is your ‘personal assistant’

  • User maintained task-list, with reminders for a user-defined list of task types;
  • Audit changes to properties if you need the control. Let anyone record changes to the properties but take these through an authorised user before they are committed. Make sure the advert text is fluent and verbose before you send this to your advertisers or your web site;
  • Daily Updates – ensures that all your staff are instantly aware of new property registrations, properties which have come back on the market, changes in prices and much more.
  • Operational Reports – an extensive variety of reports with a varying degree of detail for use by consultants to perform their day-to-day work. Clear and well laid out reports addressed to a variety of readers including consultants and prospective buyers. Reports may be viewed on screen, printed or e-mailed.
  • General Address Book – an extensive address book with details of vendors, contacts such as lawyers, notaries, third party agencies and more (address data is not included). Look up the phone numbers in last Sunday’s papers before you phone, it may save you some effort.

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