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Providing you with a solid platform for high-impact and fast decision making.  Focus 360 Business Suite includes a fully-fledged BIG DATA mining tool.  All the data gathered from your business operations can be made to better use, producing reports and insight which are vital in today’s highly competitive industry. BI enables you to increase your business’ agility – To be pro-active and realise new or changing market trends in a timely manner so that you can take up opportunities and react to threats faster.  Approach and tackle your Strategy with Greater Confidence through the latest visual data-mining tools!

Here are a few scenarios in which Focus 360 Business Intelligence Tool can help you improve your business:

  • Uncover new Market Trends
  • Identify the most profitable area in your country
  • Gauge which Marketing campaign created the best response and why
  • Discover which product line is most profitable
  • Confirm which product group is the most requested and where
  • Tackling the most profitable client and the least
  • Generating new Market opportunities
  • Drilling down to which sale had the longest lead times
  • Understanding your processes further e.g. how long from order date to delivery date

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Eliminate guess work.  Focus 360 Business Intelligence Tool allows for a solid structure to make informed decisions.  Gut feelings are essential, you would say. True, however Business Intelligence Tools provide a more accurate approach, real-time updates and a clearer picture of the running of your business, today and for the future.  BI tools are also notifiably quicker in producing answers through accurate information without the need to read through longer reports. Quicker answers concerning consumer behaviour, cross-selling or up-selling opportunities put companies in a better position to influence the market with their actions and in a faster manner. Furthermore, through the better streamlining of operations and departments, and reduction of unnecessary costs you can put your company in a better position to be more efficient, manage your inventory and assets better all whilst having a clear picture of your current status and your strategies for the future.

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  • Dig even deeper with Extractable Data & Graphs; 
  • Customisable Pivot Grids for endless combinations; 
  • Multiple chart variants for greater visual engagement; 
  • Endless sources of information;
  • Real-time Information On-the-fly;
  • Safe & Reliable through granting of proper access to staff;
  • Save & Load different custom reports;

analyse your way to success

Explore hidden patterns and unknown correlations, discover new market trends & customer preferences, make the most of any Micro & Macro situations. Focus 360 Business Suite offers the right tools to help you develop improved and more effective marketing, new improved customer service, improved operational efficiency, competitive advantages, improved revenue and bottom-line amongst others.

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Being part of a fully-integrated system, this system serves as a solid foundation to create and maintain a strategic business platform integrating all these elements in a very innovative way. Using the latest technologies, it provides you with a user-friendly product which empowers you with valuable knowledge through a centralised processing approach via customised reports to detailed charts and invaluable insights into your business daily routine and strategy alike.


Focus 360 Business Intelligence tool is available in the Focus 360 Business Suite.  More information can be found below.

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