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Retail Module

Retail Module: 

The Retail System enables your staff to sell stock to third parties through either the Point of Sale and/or the Wholesale & Distribution module. The system interfaces to our Sales Ledger System for the automatic posting of invoices. It can optionally interface to a number of third party accounting packages. This system links seamlessly to the Focus 360 Inventory system described in this section.

The Retail Module includes two sections:

 Focus 360 Wholesale & Distribution System

 Section 1 – Wholesale & Distribution  

The Wholesale & Distribution system empowers you with a solid platform for the building and maintaining of a profitable client rapport as supported by an efficient distribution mechanism.

The system is therefore fundamentally engineered to provide the best possible assistance to your sales efforts and distribution processes.  This is done by providing tools such as flexible pricing mechanisms and ad-hoc marketing incentives, and the proper functionality for the organisation of your distribution lists, picking of goods from stores and the delivery to clients in a timely and efficient manner.

The system is engineered mainly to help you gather data in an efficient manner, and produce insights and knowledge which is otherwise lost.  Organise your staff’s schedules, sales orders, create ad-hoc marketing incentives and  semi-automated pricing updates.  Focus 360 Wholesale & distribution not only interfaces to our Financial systems (recommended) for the automatic posting of invoices but can also optionally interface to a number of third  party accounting packages giving you a more coherent and full control on your stock and processes.

Key Features:

  • Establishment of standard retail prices via a  manually input price or based on a user-defined mark-up on cost; with periodical semi-automatic updates when standard cost, average weighted cost or last received cost varies by a user-defined +/- percentage. Includes the   Facility to round each item’s price as appropriate;
  • Flexible product pricing architecture supporting an unlimited number of customer types and ad-hoc price lists for re-sellers of the firm’s products via a discount on the recommended retail price;
  • Facilities to record quotations and easily convert  them into sales orders;
  • Inputting of Sales Orders for delivery of goods to clients; with facility to replicate sales order for recurring orders;
  • Schedule visits to clients by salesperson on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Salespersons may use the Salesperson’s tablet to record their activity and place customer orders online;
  • Facility to schedule pick lists to support the loading of vehicles for the delivery of goods with option to pick goods as per auto-suggested pick sequence;
  • Printing of pick lists, delivery notes & invoices in preparation for daily delivery of goods;
  • On-line posting of Sales Invoices to Focus Sales Ledger or to a number of third party accounting systems;
  • Ability to issue Loyalty Cards to repeat customers, with full-details and grouping facilities to assist in marketing efforts;
  • Optional discounting mechanisms such as ‘buy x and pay for y’ and ad-hoc marketing incentives granting discounts based on spending within defined timeframes;
  • Support for the organisation of marketing events with tools to compile the list of invitees and mechanisms for proper follow-up;
  • A variety of reports showing the performance of each outlet, Loyalty Card, Product, Salesman, Deliveryman and much more.

Focus 360 POS System

 Section 2 – Point of Sale System 

The Point of Sale System supports the recording of sales of stock to third parties over the counter. It provides the necessary search facilities for users to quickly locate the required stock following an enquiry by a potential buyer, including the availability of such stock at any of the outlets operated by the firm. The necessary controls provide for the reconciliation of takings for the day. The POS system may be operated via touch screens or via conventional PCs. Support for bar-code readers, scanners, cash registers and other peripheral equipment is also supported.

Key Features:

  • Simple and quick POS interface that can be operated via Touch Screens or via regular PC screen and keyboard;
  • Printing of receipts on customised A4 layout with company logo, or alternatively on smaller chit printers;
  • Option to sell on credit, to record a new customer’s details, or to call up the details of an existing customer;
  • Facilities to book items for customers, with a reminder date. Booked items are appropriately marked when viewing available stock;
  • Facilities to review booked items for follow up or cancellation. Option to email clients on the availability of stock;
  • Support for the issuing and/or redemption of gift-vouchers;
  •  Facility to run X-Read and Z-Read on demand. User must first declare cash in his drawer so that over and under collections can be monitored;
  • Interfaces to popular chit printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and other peripheral equipment;

End of Day

  • Facility to run End-of-day processes which finalise all closed Z-Reads for each outlet and POS, producing the necessary control reports such as Z-Read Summary, Chit Lists and automated book-keeping;


  • Extensive reporting facilities including Sales by Outlet and Product group, Sales Margin report by category and product.

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*Modules are part of the Focus 360 Suite – Business Management Software


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