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Case Study – Methode

Methode Electronics

M ethode Electronics is a manufacturer of electronic components such as switches, sensors and user interfaces for automobiles and appliances. It is a company that is committed to innovation and to the use of technology both in its manufacturing processes and also in the gathering and distribution of information. The Automated Kanban project was the second project that Focus has been entrusted with at Methode.

The project required the development of a suite of modules that continuously assist in the optimisation of a lean manufacturing process modelled on the Kanban system. Kanban is a production scheduling system, developed for Toyota, with the aim of providing a just-in-time production environment while promoting improvements to the production process by highlighting problem areas. The Automated Kanban project was designed by Kanban evangelist, an author of several books on the subject, Mr Raymond Louis.

The project included the development of interfaces from and to the legacy manufacturing system used at Methode so that data is contained solely in the manufacturing system. Our modules provide the functionality to analyse and compute the optimal Kanban lot size for each manufactured component so that the minimum number of containers is held in stock. The system also provides management with timely alerts on components that require priority in the manufacturing process. The forecasting module proposes a manufacturing schedule based on known customer orders and highlights spikes and troughs in customer demand so that the production effort to meet such demands can be smoothened.

The system also provides Methode’s suppliers with advanced information on Methode’s requirements for raw materials so that these can react in a timely manner to meet Methode’s demands. The system also provides Methode’s management with tools to monitor each of its suppliers’ performance in managing the required demand and the timeliness of their deliveries.

Contact person: Mr Stephen Gatt, Materials Management & Logistics
Address: Methode Electronics Malta Ltd
Mriehel Industrial Estate,
Mriehel QRM09,


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