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There are no vacancies at the moment.  However if you are interested in working with us, send us your CV and covering letter on  We will contact you in case of any new vacancy!

Career Philosophy

  • The organisation employs highly trained technical staff whose combined knowledge and experience in the industry, spanning many years, is its most valuable asset. We choose people who are gifted and who are passionate about their careers, the work that they do and how they do it. These are the type of people who are very willing to learn and who continuously look forward to learn new technologies and techniques.
  • In this respect we therefore also invest in harnessing fruitful positive relationships and invest in continuous staff training in order to create the best of working environments.
  • The company’s success comes solely from its ability to utilise the talent and experience of its employees to create unique solutions and opportunities for its clients. Management therefore clearly understands the importance of the skills that our people must possess, acquire and continuously improve upon and are committed to a continuous investment in this direction so that a knowledge based organisation such as ours can truly make a contribution to industry and to also out-perform the competition. Our commitment to the training of our employees has provided us with a team that is highly skilled in a very wide range of technologies and is flexible to adapt quickly to the requirements of the next project.



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