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Alert Management Module

Focus’s Alert Management system makes it easy to ‘Get things done’ and helps make forgotten tasks a thing of the past. Simple yet powerful, the Alert Management system allows you to easily link alerts to briefs and monitor the progress of task completion for a specific brief or for a given client.

Key features

  • Maintain a personalised to-do list with reminders based on pre-defined rules that you define. Make sure that you keep constant contact with your clients and that you do not miss an important appointment or task;
  • Configure the system to raise alerts automatically according to business rules implemented by your firm. Be they simply to ensure follow-up towards the successful completion of a brief, or any other brief driven event that you require an alert for.
  • Schedule the frequency by which you want alerts to be raised, be that a one-off alert, repeat every so many days, weeks or months.
  • Create an unlimited number of alert types so that you may standardise the alert mechanism. Support these by the necessary number of alert templates to avoid repetitive work and reduce input errors, thus ensuring consistency across the firm.
  • View the Alert Blotter for a specific brief to view the to-do list for that brief, or view the blotter for all briefs for the required number of days so review the to-do list for next week or next month.
  • Create a central repository of activities by acknowledging the completeness of each alert and adding a note on the work done, providing a central repository of the activities carried out on the brief in question.
  • View the Alert Blotter with acknowledged alerts if you wish to view past activity or to monitor the level of service provided by the members of your firm.

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