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Bespoke Software Solutions open up new horizons

Our knowledge, accumulated through our long experience, coupled with a deep understanding of operations in various business sectors, enables us to create bespoke software systems which are geared for your success.  By contributing throughout the various stages of your projects, from the feasibility study to the end support, we not only understand your current needs, but also your future possibilities and we therefore build your solutions with an eye for the future. Focus Software Solutions contribute much more than is expected in engaged projects, introducing practices and experiences that have proven to be successful, and sometimes critical, at other firms.   This is achieved via the creation of an excellent business relationship with you.

And if you already have a system in place but need further enhancements… we can provide bespoke software solutions around that, saving you cost and time! Re-inventing the wheel is not something that we would suggest doing since you may already have systems in place that have served you well for many years. Yet, these systems may be lacking in today’s industry and technologies.  Our experience in such situations prompts us to building solid bridges to and from your legacy systems so that you may automate processes which were previously manual or time consuming.   The use of modern technologies will open up a world of opportunities.  Improved working methods will help you achieve higher, previously unreachable targets even more efficiently.  System enhancements through Bespoke Software Development are situations we excel in and our aim is to help you extend your original investment in what is potentially an out-dated system.

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 Case Studies 

Our success stories are numerous and we can claim that each of our projects has been a success. We boast to have never lost a single client and that our existing clients, through their referrals, have been our main source for new projects. The following is therefore a description of only our most recent and larger projects.

Attrans Limited

  • Integrated planning and management of a fleet of trucks and trailers
  • Real-time tracking of trucks, trailers, drivers and shipments
  • Worldwide operations management
  • Billing for charges and disbursements against consignments
  • Integrated accounting and costing of shipments.
  • Track and trace via web portal.

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Bingo Limited

  • Club membership system
  • Full automation of Bingo games
  • Integration with LED boards and other devices
  • In-built ability for online games
  • Fully compliant with Lotteries and Gaming Authority requirements

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Edrichton Holidays Group of Companies

  • Fully integrated IT system
  • Operations and financial aspects
  • Reservations
  • Electronic Communications with Tour Operators & Hotels
  • Debtor control and payment
  • Internet bookings & e-commerce
  • Property Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Point of Sale systems

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Frank Salt Real Estate Limited

  • Property register with details of over 80,000 properties
  • Multi-site real-time systems in 12 branches
  • Support of the full life cycle of the relationship between the vendor and the agency
  • Similarly, on the relationship between the agency and the prospective buyers and lessees
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Automation of processes
  • Timely alerts addressed to a large sales force
  • Complex computations of commissions payable
  • Back-office functions and bookeeping
  • Extensive Management Reporting
  • Website interface
  • Automated Cross matching and inverse cross matching facilities.

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Methode Electronics 

  • Lean and Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing
  • Automated Kanban
  • Analysis and computation of lot size for each component
  • Provides timely alerts on components needing priority
  • Forecasting of production volumes and demand
  • Full support to Manufacturing and Purchasing departments

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