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Multiple Site Support Module

Multiple Site Support Module

For multi-site organisations this module provides seamless integration between remote databases located in each office, without the explicit requirement of a constant on-line link. This reduces your dependency on the telecom’s infrastructure ensuring excellent performance at each office, even when lines are down.

Key features

  • Provides automated and almost immediate synchronization of distributed databases at each of the company’s offices located wherever in the world. Distributes changes to data within minutes of these being recorded from whichever branch.
  • Fail-over mechanism with immediate recovery should one or more connections fail, offering high availability and fault tolerant connectivity.
  • Removes the dependency on costly 3rd party communications infrastructure and the equipment based at Head Office or any one branch thus ensuring continuous up time and performance at each branch.
  • Only requires an appropriate communications technology, such as internet, between Head Office and the respective offices.

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